Credit Review and Analysis

Upon completion of our application process, with your authorization, your credit profile(s) will be reviewed extensively. Our specialists will then analyze your history, scores, and credit patterns in order to develop a custom step-by-step strategy to address issues that are effecting your score.

Customized Repair Plan

After your review and analysis, you will receive your initial credit education consultation. During your consultation we will provide you with a clear explanation of your credit standing and our plan to remedy issues that are having an adverse effect on your credit score. We will also outline your custom credit repair strategy and the actions that we will take on your behalf


When maximum results are achieved, we will provide you with a plan to follow in order to remain on the road of financial freedom and success.


Upon your approval of your credit repair plan, we GET TO WORK! We draw upon our vast arsenal of credit report repair strategies to challenge questionable items directly with the credit bureaus. During the process you will receive updated reports from the credit bureaus and we will keep track of your progress. Dr. Debt Solutions will repeat, adjust and execute all steps of the process until maximum results are attained.