Credit Score

Why Your FICO Credit Scores Matter

FICO scores are an important part of determining a person’s financial status and well-being. They determine your ability to obtain credit as well as loan terms like the interest rate, down payment, etc… which in turn dictate the overall amount of money that you pay on the loan. Consumers with higher credit scores represent a …

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Myth: Checking your credit will lower your credit scoresFACT: Checking your credit via credit monitoring sites like Credit Karma, Credit Sesame, etc… will not lower your credit scores. Credit monitoring sites pull your credit information via a soft inquiry which does not impact your credit scores. Applying for credit (mortgage, auto loan, credit card, etc…) …


10 Credit Commandments

Your credit scores are determined by the information reporting in your credit reports which is an overview and history of the decisions that you have made while maintaining your credit. Every decision you make to apply for a new account, open a credit card, pay your bills, charge your credit card, etc… impacts your credit …

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