Who is LVNV Funding Collection Agency?

LVNV Funding, a subsidiary of Sherman Financial Group, is a collection agency that, through its subsidiaries and affiliates, originates, purchases and services all types of consumer debt in the United States and Mexico.

LVNV Funding purchases consumer debt owned by banks, finance companies, and other debt buyers at an average of 3 cents on the dollar and then attempts to collect on the accounts through its’ collection servicer Resurgent Capital Services LP.

resurgent collection agency

Resurgent is a third party manager and servicer of consumer debt for LVNV Funding, meaning that Resurgent is the actual collection agency that is responsible for collecting on the debt. But, although Resurgent, in most cases, performs the collection activities themselves, they may outsource the recovery of the debt to other, third party collection agencies.


You should be.

Basically LVNV Funding buys debt, then has Resurgent try and collect on the accounts. Resurgent may then outsource the debt collection to another collection agency.

What does this mean to you?

If you are trying to resolve your debt and find an account from LVNV Funding, you may decide to call them. LVNV Funding will then refer you to call Resurgent at 888-665-0374.

If Resurgent outsourced the debt, they will then give you the name and phone number of another collection agency to contact, which may or may not have your debt because they may have outsourced your account to someone else.

Here’s the worst part, technically, every collection agency that touches your account, has the right to report it to the 3 credit reporting agencies (Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion).

This means that one collection account can turn into 3 or 4 accounts reporting on your credit file. And each new account will lower your credit score.

But here’s the kicker, Resurgent is actually another subsidiary of Sherman Financial, just like LVNV Funding.

Here is a brief list of the companies owned by The Sherman Financial Group:

Sherman Acquisition Limited Partnership
Sherman Acquisition II Limited Partnership
Sherman Acquisition L.L.C.
Limestone Asset Management LLC
Granite Asset Management LLC
Resurgent Capital Services L.P.
Resurgent Capital Services PR LLC
LVNV Funding, LLC
Ascent Card Services, LLC
Ascent Card Services II LLC
Anson Street LLC
Ashley Funding Services LLC


There are many complaints about LVNV Funding’s business practices and the manner in which they attempt to collect on their debt. Honestly, there’s just way too many to list.

The complaints range from trying to collect on accounts outside of state statute of limitations, to harassment, re-aging debt, and violating the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act).

Here’s one example:

Maryland State Collection Agency Licensing Board
LVNV Funding LLC and Resurgent Capital services

Date of Action: 7/2/2012

On July 2, 2012 LVNV Funding LLC and Resurgent Capital Services L.P. entered into a agreement with the Collection Agency Licensing Board, a division of Maryland’s Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation concerning alleged violations of federal and state debt collection laws.

Under the terms of the settlement agreement, LVNV and Resurgent will dismiss without prejudice all pending cases filed in the District Court of Maryland prior to the date of the settlement; will provide restitution for consumers in the form of partial credits in cases in which Respondents obtained judgments, as well as in some cases that Respondents settled with the consumer-defendants prior to judgment.

This will result in the dismissal of more than 3,500 cases pending in Maryland district courts having balances of over 7.7 million.

What do you do if LVNV is reporting on your credit report?

To start, you need to take action right away and verify the information with the credit reporting agencies, validate the debt with LVNV Funding, and contact the CFPB to verify the compliance of the collection agency.

Or, you could always hire a credit repair agency to take care of all of the paperwork on your behalf.

Credit Firm.net has helped thousands of their clients delete LVNV Funding and Resurgent Capital collection accounts from their credit reports.

If you have been contacted by LVNV Funding/Resurgent Capital or have an LVNV Funding collection account reporting on your credit report, let CreditFirm.net protect your rights and engage these companies on your behalf to improve your credit.